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You are going to visit Russia for tourism or business

You are having guests from abroad

You are going to provide a decent welcome to your foreign colleagues






Full range of services in consulting our clients by telephone 24 hours a day Goncho is a local person who can make you company in showing the city First-class service with your personal concierge available to you on any issues 24 hours Professional consultancy on your business promotion in Russia

You can always call your operator and get advice on the following issues:

• Order individual excursion
• Consultation on general issues
• Shopping-Guide
• Booking tickets
• Booking tables in restaurants or bars, consulting on selection of the places
• Option "Emergency call". Operator can send you an assistant for solving the problems (extra payment)
• Organization the trip before arriving to Russia: Booking hotel, searching apartment or guest families

• Option «Simple pleasure»: Search a suitable hotel or apartment, booking, meeting in airport, consultations
• Option «Friend»: Goncho informs about top restaurants, bars, city night life. Recommendations in choosing places
• Option «City Walk»: Walking with hounds and sights overview
• Option «Art»: Goncho will be your guide in museums and exhibitions
• Option «Come with me»: Support at business events and meetings
• Option «Dates» Meetings in Russia
• Option «As you wish» Your wishes, preferences, long-standing plans and dreams, that you would like to realize in Russia

During your stay in Russia you are the only client of your personal concierge who assists you anytime and ready to provide you with:

• Consultation on choosing a hotel, booking, luxury transfer from the airport
• Visa support / Help with documents
• Unique tours created for you by your individual requirements
• Organization of any kind of leisure - cafes, restaurants, night clubs, exhibitions, shows, theaters. With the help of our concierge you can become a guest of any private party or event.
• Search for Business contacts / Private relations
• Creation of a shopping program. Style Advisory
• Any of your wishes and preferences your assistant will organize for you!

Business Advisory includes:

• Help with opening a ligal entity in Russia
• Creation of your personal brand and website
• Legal services. Notary. Auditor. Accountant. Lawyer. Translator
• Choosing location for your office
• PR and Marketing services for your brand
• Selection of employees
• Organization of seminars, conferences, Forums
• Search for partners in Russia
• Networking with the state structures









Get your first meeting in Russia with your personal assistant

    Your personal TRWL assistant
    • Comes to your hotel on the first day of your arrival
    • Gives you valuable advices
    • Helps in solving problems
    • Creates your plans in the city


within this offer:

Transfer from airport 39,90$
Luxury transfer with assistant 69,90$



It means that you contact with real human instead of an automated program. There is nothing impossible for our assistants and they solve all problems of our clients in a short time! TRWL welcomes guests in best Russian traditions. And this means WITH LOVE.


We save 85% of trip time which foreigners usually spend trying to find accommodation, entertain￾ment and transport

NO STRESS! We help you in any substandard and extreme situation immediately

We are glad to fulfil ANY WISH of our clients


will make your trip to Russia even more comfortable

DISCOUNTS on your next trips

Handy CHAT with your assistant and quickly contact with him

Personal CALENDAR where you can note visited places

Preselected EVENTS in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Helpful HINTS to feel yourself local in Russia

Available in AppStore and GooglePlay


1. It will be my first visit to Russia. I do not know Russian and I am afraid of getting into troubles in a new city. How TRWL can help me?

Indeed, foreigners in Russia usually face with many problems and spend a lot of time dealing with trivial issues. 24 hours a day TRWL is in touch with our dear guests and ready to help in any substandard situation

2. How can I get my assistant?

Please contact with us by e-mail or telephone (we use what’s app and viber as well) or leave your contacts at our web site and our manager with contact with you. You can also download TRWL application in AppStore or GooglePlay and fill in the form in part called “My trips”. After this procedure, you will see the name and photo of your assistant in your account. From this moment, you can start chat with assistant.

3. Is it true that the first meeting with assistant is free? What will we do at this meeting?

Yes, we present our clients first meeting with guide for free. Your assistant will come to a comfortable for you place (usually it is a hotel lobby) , help you with dealing any issues and problems, give you some advices and recommendations and show you TRWL offers. Meeting will be around 30 minutes and will be very useful and informative.

4. Why I can’t see the price list on your web site?

You can see the price only for the service “Hot line” which provides a standard set of services. The price for other offers depends on your personal request. Please, send us dates and purpose of your trip and we will calculate the cost for you. This can be done online before you come to Russia or offline during free meeting with an assistant.

5. I have a special request and you don’t have such option in your list of services. What to do?

We do more than everything for our dear guests. All your requests and wishes will come true with TRWL.

Have not found the answer? Please, write it to our e-mail!


Fia, Miami

I do not know Russian language and have never been to Russia. I was very afraid of the new country, cold climate and the language barrier, but I had to come to the American Beauty Showcase. Service TRWL solved all my questions: I picked up a good assistant, who helped me to arrange the stand for par￾ticipation in the show, offered professional models and was my translator at the event. In the evening the assistant arranged for my clients a wonderful dinner in panorama restaurant.

Next day TRWL assistant showed me Moscow and after it I flew to the United States with new clients and good impressions. I suggest everyone TRWL application. The team is really professional!
Suleiman, Dubai

It was my dream to visit Russia, but I was afraid that it is not a safe country, especially for a man from the Middle East. As soon as my friend told me about TRWL, I decided to plan my journey to Russia. I always choose the best , so my choice was VIP concierge service. Assistant booked for me a very nice hotel and met me in the airport . I was pleasantly surprised that the first meeting with her in Russia was for free, but I must say that it was so good organized that I was willing to pay even for free meeting.

One day I was sick and I called my assistant at night. She immediately came with all the necessary medi￾cine to my hotel and had stayed with me for 2 hours, until I felt better. This is a really good example of excellent service.
Jorje, London

I am a financial consultant who spent 80% of the time in flights to different countries and meetings with clients. Of course, inviting companies fully organize my visits, but I miss simple human communication after my work. TRWL service solved this problem once and forever. I picked up a wonderful assistant who has become a true friend!

Every evening TRWL assistant made a special program for me which included visiting best restaurants, bars and also Bolshoy theatre. I was very surprised that my assistant knew about all private parties in Moscow and once she even presented me an invitation to one luxury event. It was the first time I enjoyed my business trip that much.
Alessandro, Milan

How to impress Russian woman if you are a foreigner and do not speak Russian? Now I know the answer – to book an assistant from TRWL. To surprise my girlfriend, I asked TRWL assistant to create a program of activities for us and organize a personal driver.

He did it in the best way and moreover told me a lot of Russian historical facts of buildings and places, so I felt myself as a real gentleman and not a lost tourist.

Strongly recommend!
Umit, Alanya

I work for a big company in Turkey. We are growing very fast and we want to enter Russian market as well. How to do this without knowing Russian language, the laws of the country and without the right people? Once I even ran into a scam. One day I read about TRWL service and decided to order a busi￾ness consultant for our purposes. As a result, professional and competent person from TRWL has helped us to open an office in Russia.

He also found for us the right people, hired staff, helped with branding and website. He found a good accountant and taught me how to build communication with Russian clients in a very clear and profes￾sional way. Sometimes our assistant even came to our company to Turkey. We appreciate high level of professionals in TRWL and suggest this service to all our friends and clients.
Nikolay, Moscow

One day my boss invited our foreign partners and made me responsible for their visit. I know English not so well and moreover I am new in Moscow. My girlfriend helped me very much when she advised me TRWL service. It was my rescue. TRWL sent us an assistant, who took e care of our guests. Foreigners told us that it was exclusive hospitality from our side, and signed a contract with us.


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